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Petroleum Products and Fuels Testing

SPECTRO GROUP OF COMPANIES provides assistance to Refineries, Power stations, Academic institutions or government agencies for your routine & non-routine testing & analysis of Gasoline, Petrochemicals, Biodiesel, Alternative Fuels, Hydrocarbons, Petroleum & other related materials as per tested to internationally approved ASTM, ISO & IS Test Standards.

We test a wide range of materials including:-

Adulteration in Petroleum products

Fuel adulteration problems are known all over, Purity of fuel holds crucial significance mainly for Automobile, Power generation and Engineering industry. Adulteration of Diesel fuel or gasoline may lead to some serious problems which may even lead to Engine failure. Adulteration of fuel can cause health related problems directly in the form of increased exhaust emissions of harmful & carcinogenic pollutants. Spectro does all the tests required to check adulterated components by various techniques, however due to many legal problems we advise our customers not to use these reports for taking legal cases because for that purpose an adulteration cell is working under ministry of consumer affairs in Noida.
Spectro has laid down in-house procedures to track these adulterating materials which hamper the intended functioning of the material of subject.

bulletEngine FailurebulletIncrease in Sulphur Content of Fuel
bulletFailure of Rubber componentsbulletKnocking of the Engine

Industries we serve

bullet Automobile and aircraftbullet Refinery and Heavy Machinery
bullet Power Generationbullet Engineering

Cutting Oil/Metal Working fluid

A type of coolant and lubricant designed specifically for metalworking and machining processes. There are various kinds of cutting oils/ Metal Working fluids, which include oils, oil-water emulsions, pastes, gels, aerosols (mists), etc.
Spectro has the capability to or test following types of cutting oils:-

bulletNormal Cutting OilbulletWater Soluble Cutting Oilbullet Clear type Cutting Oil

Gear boxes or Gear systems testing

Gear boxes or Gear systems are needed to be checked for their proper functioning. Direct method for checking of the same is to check the gear oil for contamination. The most expected concerns for contamination of gear oil are Dust, Dirt, Water and Wearing of metal parts used. Spectro analyses oil samples and helps customers overcome such problems.

Transformer oil testing services

Transformer oil is needed to be checked for their insulating properties. Transformer oils are mainly used in oil filled capacitors as insulating oil and sometimes even as coolants. Testing of transformer oils is very essential as Transformer oils are subjected to electrical and mechanical stresses while a transformer is in operation. Due to these stresses contamination may take place as a result of chemical interactions with windings and other solid insulations used. Transformer oil testing is carried out to determine these contaminants and analyze the amount of chemical degradation of Oil.

Contaminated Hydraulic Oil Testing

Contaminated Hydraulic Oil is the root cause for more than 70% of the failures of the Hydraulic Systems. For best performance and in order to extend the life and productivity of hydraulic systems, regular sampling and analysis of the sample is needed to check the health of the hydraulic oil. In order to keep your systems clean and to reduce hydraulic system failure rates, Spectro offers hydraulic oil testing programs to check the cleanliness of the hydraulic fluid used.

Testing of Bio-fuels

Bio-fuels are derived from bio degradable substances. Bio-fuels are gaining increased -public and scientific attention, driven by factors such as oil price spikes, need for increased energy security, and concern over greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels.
The range of biofuels include:-


Many companies are becoming more aware of use of greener fuel or blended bio-fuel. With advanced technology being developed, bio degradable substances such as trees, plants & grasses, are also used as feed stocks for ethanol production. Ethanol can be used as a fuel for vehicles in its pure form, but it is usually used as a gasoline additive to increase octane number and reduce vehicle emissions. Spectro actively works with bio-fuel manufacturers and engine manufacturers to test Bio-fuels to ensure that the product meets the technical and environmental requirements of modern diesel engines which are compliant for the use of bio-fuels. Spectro offers full complement of laboratory testing services designed for biodiesel producers, blenders, and users which include all tests required by internationally approved standards for Bio-diesel.

bulletAlternate Fuels

Alternative fuels, also known as non-conventional or advanced fuels, are any materials or substances that can be used as fuels, other than conventional fuels. Now day’s many industries and manufacturers use alternate fuels for their power generation. Alternate fuels are mainly biodegradable substance with good calorific value and which are more greener and eco-friendly than conventional fossil and petroleum fuels. Alternate fuels include Wood Briquettes, Rice Husks or any biodegradable substance which and produce large amount of energy on burning .These fuels produce less harmful emission gases. Spectro actively works with industries to help them in their transition from using convention fossil & petroleum fuels to more echo-friendly biodegradable fuels.
Spectro's facility for Bio Fuel Testing Services Include:

bulletBio Diesel AnalysisbulletAlternate Fuel Analysis


Coolant is one the main constituent of an engine. The main function of coolant is to provide protection to an engine against corrosion, coolant dilution, pitting, erosion, and overheating. The condition and nature of the coolant is of much importance to an engine, as it helps in maintaining the efficiency of the engine and identifying problems that can lead to engine failure. Measurement of physicochemical properties of coolant in your engine’s cooling system is essential to check the Condition of the coolant, Protection against corrosion, coolant dilution, pitting, erosion, and overheating. The prime reasons for conducting routine coolant system analysis are:

bulletCondition of coolant in severe operating environments
bulletTo check Coolant loss
bulletPreventive maintenance

Spectro's Coolant testing programs provides the industry access to the latest technology and methods in coolant testing, which helps companies to attain maximum efficiency and minimizes machine breakdown.
Spectro has the Test capability for:

bulletGlycol Base Engine Coolant
bulletWater Based Engine Coolant

Coolant Tests Include:

bulletGlycol Based Engine Coolant
bulletWater Based Engine Coolant

Testing of Fuel Adulterants

Product adulteration is one of the major factors for failure of components, machines etc. Once the product is adulterated with non-specified inferior property material for the particular application, the product is not expected to give the required output. Fuel adulteration problems are known all over, Purity of fuel holds crucial significance mainly for Automobile, Power generation and Engineering industry. Adulteration of Diesel fuel or gasoline may lead to some serious problems which may even lead to Engine failure. Adulteration of fuel can cause health related problems directly in the form of increased exhaust emissions of harmful & carcinogenic pollutants.Spectro routinely analyses these fuels and identifies the possibility of adulteration. Product adulteration reports are utilized as the baseline for further corrective measures undertaken by clients. Fuel Adulteration may lead to:

bullet Engine FailurebulletIncrease in Sulphur Content of Fuel
bulletFailure of Rubber componentsbulletIncrease In harmful emissions ( NOX , SOX etc)
bulletKnocking of the Engine

Residual fuel oil analysis

We provide fuel testing services to all types of industries. Testing of fuels is carried out as per globally recognized ASTM & IS Standards. Fuels are considered to be the life line for all types of industries. Spectro offers fuel testing and consultancy services which include the entire range from Distillate Fuels, Residual Fuels, Fossil Fuels, Biofuels & Alternate Fuels.
Distillate Fuels:
Fuels used in engines and other equipment’s are needed to be analyzed for maintaining the overall efficiency of the Engine. Adulteration might lead to huge losses in maintenance and machine downtime. Fuel analysis can identify potential causes and problems for fuel filter chocking, smoking, loss of power, poor injector performance, malfunctioning of throttle position sensors and sticking valves etc.

Residual Fuels:

Residual fuels or residual fuel oils are the products remaining from the refinery processes after all the distillate or lighter fractions have been removed. Broadly speaking, fuel oil is any liquid petroleum product that is burned in a furnace or boiler for the generation of heat or used in an engine as a fuel for the generation of power.

Spectro has the capability of testing residual fuel depending on its application:

bulletResidual Fuel Oil for Industrial application
bulletResidual Fuel for marine application
bulletResidual Fuel used in Diesel Power Generators

Analysis Of Fossil Fuels

Coal, a fossil fuel, is the largest source of energy for the generation of electricity worldwide. We help companies to attain maximum output in the amount of energy produced by assisting in maintaining the quality of fuel used. Coal is used in most of the companies in to produce uninterrupted power supply for their functioning. Spectro provides testing programs to monitor the quality of the coal use to attain maximum output and efficiency. Spectro Tests Fuels to National & International Standards & Specification which helps in detection of possibility of adulteration.
Spectro's facility for Fuel Testing Services Include:

bulletGasoline (Petrol) Analysis bulletHigh Speed Diesel (HSD) Analysis
bulletLight Diesel Oil (LDO) AnalysisbulletFossil Fuels (Coal/Coke) Analysis
bulletSuperior Kerosene Oil (SKO) AnalysisbulletAviation Turbine Fuel (ATF) Analysis
bulletFuel Oil Analysis


Diesel is mainly used in diesel engine, a type of internal combustion engine. Diesel engines are used in cars, motorcycles, boats, locomotives, ships, power generation sets, generators & other heavy machinery instruments. Automotive diesel fuel serves to power trains, buses, trucks, and automobiles, to run construction, petroleum drilling, heavy machinery and other off-road equipment and to be the prime mover in a wide range of power generation & pumping applications. The quality of diesel used is to be checked to prevent the engine from malfunctioning and also to check if the diesel used is as per National or International Specification. LDO is a type of Diesel Fuel that is used mainly for industrial & stationary applications. LDO is mainly used as a fuel in non-Automotive applications.

Machine Condition Monitoring

Spectro provides Machine Condition Monitoring along with Oil Condition Monitoring services to the Automotive, Marine, Power generation, Manufacturing and other industries. Spectro Testing Programs helps companies to identify problems and solve the same to minimize Equipment breakdown, Repairs and Downtime Cost.Spectro helps customers to maintain & preserve their assets rather than spending huge amount of money on maintenance. Spectro’s Oil condition Monitoring Programs results in a sizeable amount of saving in maintenance & downtime cost.

VCI testing

Spectro has the capability to test Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors mainly VCI oils and VCI bags. VCI are used widely in industry for prevention against corrosion. Main function of VCI is to prevent the products from degrading. Spectro has setup in house procedures to test these products.

Aviation fuel testing

Aviation fuel is a specialized type of petroleum-based fuel used to power aircraft. It is generally of a higher quality and often contains additives to reduce the risk of explosion due to high temperatures. Spectro has the test Facility to test Aviation turbine Fuel to International Standards. It is also approved by DGCA for this fuel.

Industries We Work With

bullet Heavy MachinerybulletAerospacebulletIndustrial

Spectro Conducts Tests For the Following Parameters

bulletActive SulphurbulletAdditive Metal ContentbulletWear Metal Content
bulletAromatics, OlefinsbulletAsh ContentbulletWater Reaction
bulletBenzene ContentbulletCetane Indexbullet Volatility
bulletChlorine ContentbulletCleanliness TestbulletTotal Base No. (TBN)
bulletCold Filter Plugging PointbulletCone penetration Unworkedbullet Sulphation
bulletCone penetration workedbulletConradson Carbon ResiduebulletFerrography
bulletContaminantsbulletCopper Strip CorrosionbulletMetal Content
bulletCorrosive SulphurbulletEmulsion StabilitybulletFour Ball Wear Test
bulletEvaporation LossbulletExistent Gum contentbulletFoaming Tendency
bulletFlash PointbulletFuel DilutionbulletGross Calorific Value
bulletKinematic ViscositybulletFreezing PointbulletInorganic Acidity
bulletViscosity IndexbulletInsolubles in PentanebulletLead Content
bulletInsolubles in ToluenebulletLubricitybulletMoisture Content
bulletNAS ValuebulletNitrationbulletOxidation
bulletOrganic aciditybulletOxygen ContentbulletVapour Lock Index
bulletOxidation StabilitybulletParticulate ContaminationbulletPQ Index
bulletParticle CountbulletReid Vapour PressurebulletSaponification Value
bulletPour PointbulletSoot ContentbulletWater Content
bulletSalt Spray TestbulletSedimentsbulletSulphated Ash
bulletSpecific ResistancebulletSulphur bulletTan Delta
bulletSulphur ContentbulletThermal StabilitybulletTotal Acid No. (TAN)
bulletTotal AciditybulletTotal AlkalinitybulletTotal microbial growth
bulletTotal SedimentsbulletTotal Sulphur
bullet Ramsbottom Carbon Residue
bullet Water Tolerance of gasoline-alcohol blends
bulletInsolubles in Coagulated Pentane

Major Equipments

bulletBomb CalorimeterbulletAnline Point ApparatusbulletVacuum Pump
bulletTan delta meterbulletFlash Point Apparatus (PMCC)bulletMelting point
bulletK.Viscosity BathbulletPour point /Cloud point App.bulletCarbon residue App.
bulletRed wood viscometerbulletB.D.V TesterbulletOil Testing Centrifuge
bulletDissolved Gas ExtractorbulletResistivity meterbulletTSS Filteration App.
bulletFlash Point Apparatus (Abel)bulletFlash Point/ fire Point Apparatus (COC)